Your Journey with us

Building a lasting FR3N Community includes strategic partnerships and ongoing support with world class features.

Pre Mint

Together we develop a sustainable NFT Strategy that focuses on the needs of your community. There is no Community without real value.

Including marketing, workshops, design templates, and most importantly, exploring individual value propositions.


We create a custom NFT Launchpad with your individual design, custom domain, including Mintpage, wallet-solution, fiat payments and Community hub. Everything within our easy-to-use interface.

We take care of the technical side to create a safe space for our clients.

Post Mint

Our goal is to create value for all of our communities. Therefore, we support ongoing developments for and with the community to create valuable utilities.

Expand your community, enhance your features, and increase value with our community-driven development approach.

Start building with FR3N

You will get smart benefits & features

NFT Drops

Create, manage distribute and analyze.
Easily create custom smart contracts, distribute them through a personalized minting page, manage your NFTs and rewards in the Community Hub, and analyze your customer engagement.

No Hidden Fees

With our customer oriented pricing model - we earn when you earn!
At FR3N, we believe in transparent pricing with no hidden fees, so you can focus on creating and monetizing your unique NFT experiences.
Choose between paying with fiat or crypto payments.

World Class Security

Our cutting-edge security systems reduce the risk for our customers. Our smart contracts are audited and rely on the best standards in the market. FR3Ns robust API is battle tested and delivers the best features while ensuring top-notch security.

Easy Onboarding

To ensure a sustainable sales process and a simple UX -
we offer a seamless and user-friendly wallet solution that caters to both Web2 and Web3 users. With our wallet solution which enables a social login, users can easily access and interact the decentralized world of Web3.


FR3N offers a one-stop-shop solution with an easy-to-use interface, making it easy for creators to monetize their content and for users to access exclusive experiences.
NFT Tools
Customized Marketplace
Token Gating
Management Dashboard

The future is green

Not only we use sustainable ESG conform Blockchains - we also actively enforce a sustainability fee in every contract and transaction made. You decide where to invest these fees!With our Regenerative Finance approach we combine democratization and sustainable consumption.

Integrated to a

To deliver sustainable and high-quality solutions, we only offer blockchain technology that meets the highest standards.

Our mission is to help Communities grow and engage more

Our mission is to pave the way for a greener and more inclusive Web3 by providing the most advanced and sustainable NFT platform that fosters meaningful connections between creators, brands and their communities while actively contributing to a better planet.

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Whether you´re a Fortune 100 - or 100 friends - create your Community with FR3N - The one-stop-shop for a Community of Communities.


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